My Flashcard Library
· Each cardset title is displayed with the number of questions, quizzes taken, your average quiz performance, and a brief text description (if provided by the author)
· Hide Details: lists only cardset titles, Show Details displays details
· Sort Name: sorts library by alphabetically (A to Z) or reverse alphabetically (Z to A)
· Sort Score: sorts library by high-to-low or low-to-high score.  When you Take the Quiz, the score awarded is your average over all quiz attempts displayed as a % and nearest 5 star score (always rounded down).
· Tap on the "i" icon to access web based help information
· Tap on a cardset title to start your review...

Manage Cardsets
· Tap on the Manage icon to learn how to rate, delete or configure a cardset
· To rate a cardset: select the Rate A Catalog Set button, then tap a cardset to rate
· To delete a cardset: swipe finger across a cardset title to reveal a red delete button
· To configure cardset properties: tap and hold a cardset title for 3 seconds (the title will change colors):
-- Edit the Title or Description.  Changes the title in My Flashcard Library (not the source Google Document)
-- Autoshuffle: ON/OFF.  Turn autoshuffle off to review the cards in sequence on the first pass
-- Reverseable: ON/OFF. Turn reverseable off to prevent the questions & answers from being reversed
-- Minimum Font Size: establishes the smallest font size displayed when reviewing
-- Preferred Font Size: establishes the preferred font size displayed before any necessary scaling to prevent intra-word line breaks
-- Save and Return: to make these settings active or Reset and Return if you want to keep the previous settings.

Reviewing Cardsets
· Select One Card or Two Card mode to view one side of a flashcard or both sides simultaneously
· Select Skip to skip a card for later
· Rotate your device horizontally to view cardsets in landscape mode.  If prefer, you can lock the orientation of your device, by selecting the lock icon at the top right of the screen.
··· More allows you to:
· Switch between Honor Scoring and Show Multiple Choice (defined below)
· Reverse Q&A: reverse the question and answer on the front and back of the flashcard
· Take the Quiz: factors your result into your average score and increments the quiz count.  Return to Study Mode if you do not want a quiz result scored. Scores are rounded down to a 1 thru 5 Star Score with range values of 1-40, 41-60, 61-80, 81-90, and 91-100 respectively
· Cardset authors control availability of these settings on the gWhiz Template -info sheet.  See the Creating Your Own Flashcards page for details.
· Show/Hide Score Panel: display or hide the card-by-card score
· Change Last Score: if you accidentally pressed the wrong answer on the previous card
Honor Scoring:
· Tap the green check mark or red X to indicate whether you did or did not know the correct answer and proceed to the next card
· Your score will be tracked with green and red boxes
Multiple Choice:
· For two column spreadsheets, three alternative answers are displayed with the correct answer from Column B
· Scroll through multiple choice alternatives by swiping up/down on the right side of the screen
· Tap on the correct answer on the left side of the screen to indicate your choice
· The correct answer will be briefly highlighted with green text before flipping to the next card
· In addition to random choices, you can assign several unique answers to each question to create tests.  See the Creating Your Own Flashcards page for details.

Adding Cardsets (requires an active wireless connection)
From the My Flashcard Library screen, tap the Downloads icon and select one of the following options:
· From Google Docs: enter your gmail username and password to search and download cardsets from your Google Documents.  Note, if your username is a "", you can leave off the "".  If you want to load a large cardset that is too big to load from your Google Docs, share it with our gWhiz Catalog and then download the set from our catalog.
· From gWhiz Catalog: select Download and Search the catalog for cardset titles or contents.
· From StudyStack(TM) : Download cardsets from the StudyStack Library.  Requires a free StudyStack account.

Content Partners
Note you can add cardsets to your Google Documents account from our content partners the StudyStack and FlashcardExchange.
To add Content from the Study Stack outside your device
· Find data to study or add your own data.
· After selecting a data set, select "Export" at the bottom of the page.
· Scroll to the gFlash+ section for your mobile device (Apple), enter your gmail email address.
· When you receive the Study Stack email, import the attachment into Google Documents as a spreadsheet (e.g., select the "Open as a Google spreadsheet" link next the attachment).
· Follow the instructions for adding content the From Google Docs in the Adding Cardsets section above.

To add Content from the FlashcardExchange
· Establish a FlashcardExchange account.  Full Membership is required.
· Search for a flashcard set in the Directory or make your own unique set.
· Select the "Export" menu button.
· Select the "Export to BlackBerry" button (this approach will work for the iPhone as well).
· An email will be sent to your FlashcardExchange email address including a .gts file.
· Save the .gts attachment to your desktop.
· Upload the .gts file to your Google Documents account by selecting here and then follow the "Get My Google Data..." instructions above.

To add Content from Open Window Software's WinFlash Educator
· Export your Educator study files to the ready-to-upload .csv format using the Export Content tool on the Educator menu and selecting gFlash as the export format.
· Log into Google Docs
· Click Upload
· Select the .csv file you want to upload on your computer using the Browse button
· Click Upload File
· Select File|Save & Close
· Follow the instructions for adding content the From Google Docs in the Adding Cardsets section above.


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