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gFlashPro and gFlash+ iPhone/iPod touch FAQ:

We are looking for recurring themes to add to this Frequently Asked Questions list.  If you have questions, please email us at  Thanks!
1) I keep picking the wrong answer in multiple choice when trying to scroll, is there a better way to select an answer?
In gFlashPro, scroll using the right side of the screen and tap on your correct answer on the left.
In gFlash+ you can change your device settings (the gears icon on the main screen).  Select  "Multiple Choice Tap Count" under gFlash+ settings, and try "Double Tap Activation".  This allows you to easily scroll within the multiple choice window without accidentally selecting an answer.
2) I keep getting a "Connection Failure" when attempting to add flashcards from my Google Documents, how do I fix this?
If you experience a "Connection Failure" message when attempting to download items, please make sure you have an active wireless connection by opening a new web page in your Safari browser (not a cached site).  Also, for gFlash+, make sure your flashcard sets are stored at your root "Items not in folders" level and not stored in a Google Documents folder. 

3) I think I have found a problem with your application.  How do I submit that feedback to you?

Please email any issues you are having with gFlash to: . We appreciate your feedback and are currently working on several items that we hope to complete in the near future.

4) Where can I send questions and feature requests?

We have benefited tremendously from your feedback (e.g., early release testing, bug identification, feature requests) that drive our future plans.  Please email us at , we look forward to your input!

5) What options do I have when reviewing flashcard sets, it seems that the menu choices change for different cardsets?

This depends on how the options are set on the -info worksheet in the gWhiz Template when the cardset was created.  These options include Show Multiple Choice, Reverse the Questions and Answers (Q&A), One Card Mode, and Take a Quiz.  Disabling multiple choice in the template is recommended for cardsets with image based answers.  Q&A reversal is appropriate for many language cardsets but may not work well for trivia subjects.  This is why the pop-up menu options will sometimes be grayed out from cardset to cardset.

6) Do image cardsets work when I do not have a wireless connection?

For gFlashPro, yes, once an image is downloaded, it is cached for future use.  gFlash+ requires an active wireless connection for image cardsets.  Text based cardsets can be used anytime after they have been downloaded.
7) Where can I find "Help" information?
Tap the "i" icon (upper right) and select any one of the topic areas. Since it is web based help, it requires an active wireless connection.  Also visit our website at .

8) How big can flashcard sets be?

We would recommend your input spreadsheets are no more than 200 or 300 cells where the cell total is the product of (rows x columns) in your Google Documents spreadsheet. Larger sets take more device memory, time to load, shuffle, and prepare for quiz mode. Since most cardsets are two columns that equates to 100 - 150 rows. gFlash also supports several multiple choice answers unique to a question. For example, one question with four alternative answers would make a five column wide spreadsheet. That spreadsheet could be between 40 and 60 rows in length.

9) How can I contribute?

Please share your flashcards using the "Share" function in Google Documents and invite  using "To View".  They will automatically be added to the gWhiz Catalog so please give them a title that is easy for other customers to understand.

10) Does gFlash support international language characters such as those found in the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages?
Yes.  Please see some of the international language cardsets in the gWhiz Catalog for examples.

11) Your Terms & Conditions (T&C) refer to collecting information from my mobile device.  What is that for?

As with other web based applications, we detect device and operating system version so we know what devices are successfully running the application.  This helps us isolate issues and support users that are having trouble. We are only focused on our application and do not know anything about other applications on a device.  Our Terms and Conditions do say we may use GPS information.  We are not actually doing that now but we're testing a BlackBerry application that uses GPS information to better support task management and study groups.  You can see more information on our website under "got-2".  This application only uses GPS locally on the device and does not transmit it or share it in any way.  You may also notice these T&Cs are very similar to those of other mobile application providers such as Google, Yahoo, and Apple.

12) Can I create flashcard sets that include images?

Yes, there are good examples of image flashcards in the gWhiz Catalog.  Perform a search in the catalog for Dog Breeds, Guitar Chords, Cuneiform, or Boating Lights at Night and you'll see some image flashcards.

They require an extra step than just text based flashcards.  You will need to host the images somewhere on the Internet (e.g., a picture sharing service or personal web page, e.g., TinyPic) and then refer to their url the spreadsheet so they display on the phone.

In the dog breed example, using the gWhizTemplate, Column A "calls" the url's where the picture files (".jpg") are stored, and Column B includes the associated name of the dog.  On the phone, when the card is queued for display, the url is accessed via your phone's data plan or WiFi connection and displayed on the phone.  Because of small creen dimensions, small image files (~220 x 145 pixels) work best.

The "Question" or the picture of dog in column A is represented by the URL:

And the "Answer" or the title of the dog is in column B: "Bulldog"

For more information on creating flashcards, please see:


13) I have created a set of flashcards but I get an "erroneously formatted" error when I attempt to load them on my iPhone or iPod touch from either my personal Google Documents account or the gWhiz Catalog.


Check the cardset you have created for blank cells, i.e., answers with blank question cells or questions with blank answer cells.


14) How does Multiple Choice work?

If you have a two column spreadsheet, gFlash can randomly display three alternative answer rows from Column B along with the correct answer. gFlash also supports multiple specific answers to a question by inputting your alternative answers to a question in Columns B - F. Indicate the correct answer with a >> prefix or gFlash+ will assume the correct answer is in Column B. The position of the correct answer will randomly be displayed so that it is not always the first choice.

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